By Mark Howitt, WPU Local #01

Guilty When you play with fire you are bound to get burned, and as we have witnessed in the past when world leaders are found guilty for abuse of their power they simply resign from their position with a slap on the wrist from the legal system that they often control or have influence over. Eric Holder, George Bush, Richard Nixon, and Oliver North are but a few names of people who have been found guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity and have never served a sentence or truly paid for what they have done to others by abusing their status in government or military. Any other public citizen or "commoner", as they are called by the Royals and those in government, would have been tried and sentenced or have been executed if they were found guilty of the crimes that these so called "officials" have been found guilty of. It seems like all that is about to change, and quite frankly, it's about time. Public power MUST be the dominant force because when the government or ruling class abuse their power they must be held accountable for their actions to avoid any further instances of corruption or scandalous proceedings. It is up to the public to keep these globalists in check. Many people fear the system and therefore many crimes have allowed to go essentially unpunished. Slaps on the wrist have allowed for this corruption to escalate and people have simply watched it all unfold without raising their voices for the most part.

GuiltyOn February 25th 2013, the final verdict was rendered by the International Common Law Court of Justice in the first Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and the Government of Canada. Citizen jurors handed down the unanimous guilty verdict in the Brussels based court ordering for the citizens arrest of thirty defendants. This list of guilty parties includes Queen Elizabeth II of the House of Windsor, Pope Benedict, Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper, Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, London and many more Vatican and Church officials from Canada and Rome. The verdict was reached after nearly a month of proceedings which included 150 case exhibits presented by court prosecutors. These exhibits displayed irrefutable evidence of a large scale criminal conspiracy involving severe crimes against humanity. Institutions of the defendants which include the Government of Canada, The Crown of England, the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of England, Anglican, and the United Church of Canada, have been found guilty of committing and concealing genocide on many generations of children in so-called indian residential schools in Canada where more than 50,000 children were killed while in these schools under the care of selected officials. The evidence was overwhelming and details of their crimes are extremely disturbing. Defendants have until March 4th to turn themselves in, otherwise the public have the power to peacefully perform a citizens arrest on their person or assets. The question is, will these criminals be taken into custody peacefully?

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has addressed this issue and openly admitted on television that the Government of Canada and the Church is guilty of trying to destroy the heritage of the Canadian Native peoples and has also admitted that thousands of children had died while in the care of these residential schools. However, he has not responded to the court order which was recently issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice. It seems that after he disclosed the information he was hoping to leave it at that, and that it would all go away and be forgotten. His hope was to continue his role as Prime Minister without recieving any further punishment or accountability. Now, the thorn under the skin has become infected and the consequences of these crimes against humanity are now coming into effect.

GuiltyPope Benedict XVI, born Joseph Ratzinger, has recently resigned from his position as Pope which caused some confusion around the world and shocked many people. A pope has not resigned from the Vatican on their own initiative since 1294 so his actions have become the object of interest and curiosity and has surprised a majority of the world. It should also be pointed out that at the age of 14, Ratzinger became a member of the Hitler Youth and later became a Nazi soldier where he fought in World War 2 and became a prisoner of war by the allies in 1945. So why then has the Pope resigned? He claims it is because he is getting old and his declining physical and mental health has caused him to not be able to carry out the demands associated with the role of the Pope. Ratzinger took on the role of Pope around the climax of many child molestation charges against members of the Vatican in where many Church officials were not punished for their roles in these charges, but rather moved to different locations where the abuse was allowed to continue and become more rampant. Many people believe that the resignation of the Pope is directly linked to the house of cards that seems to be collapsing in the Vatican. Ratzinger has been allowed to continue residence at the Vatican where it's laws protect him from prosecution for involvement in the child molestation cover up, a decision which was backed by the Italian government and is a direct violation of Italian law. While it is true that Ratzinger was perhaps the most vocal Pope in regards to addressing the child molestation charges and allegations which has yet gone unpunished, because of the simple fact that those guilty of the crimes have been protected by the Vatican and have yet to be held accountable brings an undeniable guilt which lies on the shoulders of the leader of the organization at the time of these allegations, Joseph Ratzinger. This is likely the reason why he has been allowed to remain on residence protected by the Vatican and it's officials. The entire Vatican is therefore guilty of involvement with the conspiracy.

The Citizens' arrests of the defendants will commence on March 4th 2013 if they do not willingly turn themselves in and the court has empowered public citizens of Canada, United States, England, Italy and several other countries "to act as its legal agents armed with warrants, and peacefully occupy and seize properties of the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada, which are the main agents in the deaths of these children". Will they turn themselves in willingly or will the public use it's power to detain these criminals? Time will tell, as March 4th is just around the corner. A copy of the warrant and court order documents can be downloaded from the Documents section of the World Public Union website or at the International Tribunal Into Crimes Of Church And State's website.

Documentary on the abuse at Canadian Residential schools

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